1. Contact the Enrollment Office, take a tour of the school, and meet with the Principal. We also encourage your child to be a Celtic for a Day. This affords an opportunity to learn about the school’s philosophy and to tour the campus. The Lower School spans grades PK-7 and the Upper School includes grades 8-12.
  2. Complete the Online Application. There is a $25 application fee. There is no application deadline; we review applications on a rolling admissions basis.
  3. Arrange for a student visit (Grades K-12), possible entrance testing.
  4. If your K-12 child is offered admission to RCS, you will receive an online enrollment packet to complete. If you enroll one new student, you will pay $365 at enrollment. This amount includes the $165 new student enrollment and registration fee, $50 HSA fee (per family), $100 Technology fee (per family), and a $50 deposit toward tuition.
  5. If your PreK child is offered admission, your registration/enrollment fee is $85.

Please request more information if you would like our admissions office to contact you.

Pre-K Admissions Process

Our preschool is open to 3 and 4 year olds. Students who meet the proper age and health/immunization requirements should complete an online application. There is a $25 application fee. Priority for acceptance is given to students who have siblings already enrolled at Roanoke Catholic, Catholic students from surrounding parishes, and children of alumni.  All applicants must be able to toilet themselves independently.


K-12 Admissions Process

We are pleased your family is considering admission to Roanoke Catholic School. The school’s mission emphasizes the development of the whole person, blending learning with faith and faith with daily life. The development of faith, academic success, character, athletic and other abilities are nurtured within the school’s educational philosophy. Faculty, staff, coaches, and advisors all serve roles that mentor students toward reaching their full potential.

Roanoke Catholic School admits students of any race, color, sex, religion, and national and ethnic origin. The extent to which a student may prosper academically, as well as develop as a citizen of the school community, is the fundamental issue that is considered in the evaluation of an applicant for admission. The admission process seeks to determine the match between the applicant and the Roanoke Catholic School community.

Applicants and their parents are invited to the school for a personal interview and tour of the school. Arrangements may also be made for students to visit classes and to meet with teachers and administrators.

Roanoke Catholic School includes students from a variety of cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds; the school strives to foster a diverse academic community. We are grateful for your serious consideration of our school and look forward to working with you and your family as you make this important decision.

Candidates for admission to Roanoke Catholic School and their families must be willing to commit to the philosophy of Roanoke Catholic School and to the Christian values it upholds, including cooperation, service, prayer, and worship. Candidates who are admitted to Roanoke Catholic School must continue their personal, religious, and academic growth in a manner that bears witness to the school’s philosophy.

Priority for acceptance is given to students who have siblings already enrolled at Roanoke Catholic, Catholic students from surrounding parishes, and children of alumni.

Applications for all grades are subject to the review and recommendation of the Roanoke Catholic School Admissions Committee. Every student must possess the educational background necessary to reach his or her fullest potential in order to be admitted. Students with serious disciplinary issues or poor academic performance will not be offered admission.

Additional Information for International Students can be found on our International Students page.