The RCS Cafeteria serves breakfast items during the upper school break and a full lunch each day school is in session except on noon dismissal days. The monthly menu is posted in the cafeteria, many classrooms, and can be found on our website, both as a printable list near the bottom of the right hand column of the homepage, and as a daily entry on the school calendar.

The Cafeteria is a PRE-PAY account…please add funds periodically so your children will have money to purchase lunch without charging!

When sending deposit money for your students’ accounts, please be sure to mark your child’s grade, homeroom and teacher clearly so that we may credit the proper account. Online payments may also be made through the Renweb Parent Portal under Family Billing for a small fee. A negative balance on the Renweb Portal indicates a CREDIT.

Please note that tray lunches include one entree (choice of daily entree, OR a la carte entree), a fruit or vegetable from the serving line, a starch or bread and a milk or small water. ANY extras are billed as an additional entree or at the prices indicated below. Please review these policies with your children, especially those in elementary grades. If you desire, a note can be placed on your child’s account to restrict extra treats or beverages. Allergies are reported to the cafeteria through the nurses’ office once an allergy action plan is filed.

September 2017 Café Menu
9/05 Cheese Ravioli/Caesar Salad/Garlic Bread/Fruits
9/06 Turkey Club/Sweet Potato Fries/Soup/Salad/Fruits
9/07 Beef Burritos/Fruits
9/08 Chicken Nuggets/French Fries/Soup/Salad/Fruits
9/11 Grilled Chicken Wrap/Soup/Salad/Fruits
9/12 Italian Sub/Soup/Caesar Salad/Garlic Bread/Fruits
9/13 Teriyaki Pork/Rice Pilaf/Salad/Fruits
9/14 Gyro/Hummus/Pita Chips/Greek Salad/Fruits
9/15 Popcorn Shrimp/French Fries/Soup/Salad/Fruits
9/18 Chicken Quesadilla/Spanish Rice/Corn/Salad/Fruits
9/19 Baked Penne Pasta/Caesar Salad/Garlic Bread/Fruits
9/20 Barbecue Chicken/Mac & Cheese/Beans/Salad/Fruits
9/21 Beef Stroganoff/Buttered Noodles/Salad/Fruits
9/22 Southern Fried Chicken Strips/French Fries/Soup/Salad/Fruits
9/25 Chicken Pot Pie/Rolls/Salad/Fruits
9/26 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce/Caesar Salad/Garlic Bread/Fruits
9/27 Philly Cheese Steak/Chips/Salad/Fruits
9/28 Chicken Tikka Masala/Rice Pilaf/Naan Bread/Salad
9/29 Pretzel Club/French Fries/Soup/Salad/Fruits

Lunch prices and various a la carte items are available as follows:

Tray lunch prices (Includes milk, small water or iced tea):
$3.25 – PK-K
$3.75 – Grades 1-4
$4.00 – Grades 5-12
$4.00 – Adult/Faculty Meal

A la Carte menu:
Monday: Hamburger – $2.75
Tuesday: Pizza – $2.00/slice
Wednesday: Chicken Patty – $2.75
Thursday: Hot Dog – $1.50
Friday: Grilled Cheese – $1.50

Beverages available include:
Milk or small tea – $0.75
Small water – $0.75
Large Water – $1.00
Premium Juice or Switch – $1.25
Powerade or Lemonade – $1.75
Fruit Water – $2.25
Soda – $1.25

Additional Entrees: $2.00.  (This applies to a second serving of the menu item of the day.)

Breakfast Prices:
Bacon (3 slices) – $1.25
Sausage – $1.25
Eggs – $1.00
Plain biscuit – $0.75
Biscuit with meat, etc. – $1.50
Breakfast potatoes – $1.50
Cinnamon roll – $1.25 large
Muffin – $1.25
Pancake/waffle/french toast – $1.00
Scone – $2.00
Tornadoes – $1.50
Cereal Bar – $1.00
Cookies – $1.00
Chips – $0.75
Crackers – $0.75
Fruit roll-up – $0.75
String cheese – $0.75
Brownies – $1.00
Ice Cream – $1.00
Fresh fruit cup – $0.75
Roll/Bread – $0.75
Vegetable serving – $0.75
Scone – $2.00
Cup of Soup – $2.00
Pop Tarts – $1.25
French Fries – $1.25
Rice Crispy Treat – $1.00