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RCS closed Friday, Oct. 12

In reviewing reports about road challenges in navigating safe passage to school, RCS will be closed Friday, Oct. 12.

BACONFEST is Sept. 29 benefiting RCS

5-time BaconFest winner RCS Chef Peter Radjou, and daughter Cathy Radjou, have taken over the competition and are partnering with Roanoke Catholic to present this year’s event! Baconfest 2018 will be our biggest and best year yet! We’re serving up bacon-inspired dishes for our sixth year in a row to thousands of hungry bacon fans … from more…

Get cool stuff while supporting RCS

RCS After Prom and Celtics Lacrosse have launched two new fundraisers that allow you to shop for your house, garden, car — and yourself! — while supporting their causes. BOONSUPPLY.COM is a one-stop shop of useful items for storage and to make your life easier. Browse among hundreds of totes, jewelry, kitchen, household and outdoors items. RCS more…

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