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The arts are extremely important to the growth of young people and the wonderful thing about the theatre is that it includes all of the arts in one! All people need a creative outlet to express themselves!

Statistics show that students successfully finishing a theatre or speech class are over 50% more likely to be successful in college and the work force. The drama program at Roanoke Catholic is a taste of everything the Theatre Arts have to offer. From acting to directing, play writing to the world of technical theatre, costume designers, scenic, lighting, sound, props and more is included.

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Mitzi Keeley Dance

I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. It seems like my mom put tap shoes on my feet and directed me to a stage as soon as I could walk. I enjoy moving to music, and I love sharing my passion for dance with others.

In our world today there is so much violence, depression, and disappointment; I know we can make a difference. Some children are “drowning in their inadequacies” and dance can be one thing that can help them develop a sense of worth.

I want to see this program thrive and watch the children become our future leaders and entertainers. I know that all things are possible with God, so first I am requesting prayer. I want the dance program to become what God wants it to be, nothing more, but nothing less. I am also requesting financial support so we can grow our program here at Roanoke Catholic School. Your support will help us purchase props and costumes for our shows, and eventually help us build a better dance studio. We also raise funds to give donations within our community, such as OLN’s Prison Ministry Team and a Cancer Research organization.

I believe we have established that there is a need for the dance program in our school. The program has grown since we started, with enrollment growing 85%. Currently, dance classes are held in a typical classroom with tile floors. Imagine the difference a sprung dance floor, mirrors, barres, and sound system* would make for the children. Having additional funds to further develop the program would create an atmosphere of creativity, life-long passion, and learning.

If you cannot afford or do not feel led to give financially, we would still appreciate your presence. The dancers perform annually at Our Lady of the Valley and at the Lower School Talent Show. I am so proud of the students and would love for others to see what they have accomplished. The dance program reaches students, parents, teachers, and beyond. Some RCS teachers and parents have even joined our ranks in the the finale of the talent show.

I hope you will consider making a tax-deductable donation to the Dance Program at Roanoke Catholic School. Thank you for your time and for allowing the students at RCS to dance!

—Mitzi Keeley, Director of Dance and RCS parent


*To build a dance studio in an existing classroom would require a dance floor ($2,500-$10,000), mirrors ($1,000 to cover one wall), barres ($300), and a sound system ($500-$3000). We will accomplish this goal one dollar at a time.


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