Our Lower School student life is full of opportunities. Each homeroom has a community service project, such as Ronald McDonald House, Manna Ministries, Southwest Harvest Food Bank, and St. Francis of Assisi Service Dogs, which they support all year. Fifth through seventh grades take this a step further with Saint Houses. They compete within their “houses” for points that come from community service, grades, and good behavior.

These students, especially the Middle School students, also participate in sports that include volleyball, football, basketball, wrestling, and swimming.  Students in Kindergarten through seventh grade can also participate in a boys’ wrestling program and a co-ed basketball league. Boys and girls in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade have dance classes available after school.

In addition to sports and community service, students are involved in Student Government Association, with elected representatives from grades kindergarten to seventh. All grades participate weekly in Spanish classes, music, art, library and P.E.  Sixth and seventh grades may take band, art, French and Spanish classes. Guitar classes and piano lessons are offered after school as well.