Boarding at RCS

Roanoke Catholic School offers a boarding school experience through Wilson International that provides Catholic families throughout the United States a safe and welcoming environment for their high school students to experience Roanoke Catholic’s college preparatory academics, state championship athletics, and enriching arts programs.

The dorm is located in a recently restored historical building in the heart of downtown, just a 10-minute walk from Roanoke Catholic. The building is completely updated with a fully secured access control program, designated fiber optic internet service, laundry facilities, and a full-time chef. In addition to room and board, Wilson provides a residential life program for its students. Wilson cherishes the opportunity to help nurture thoughtful and competent global citizens, within the framework of Roanoke Catholic’s mission statement.

Contact International & Domestic Boarding Coordinator, Emma Kauffman, for more information: 540.797.6366,


More about Boarding at RCS

  • Engaged Staff Members- On-campus faculty and dorm parents with a nurturing and action-packed Student Life program.
    • On dorm there are Dorm Advisory Groups that students are assign to at the beginning of each academic year. Each adviser meets with their students at least twice a month to make sure everything is going well, socially and academically. Advisers will also attend athletic games and functions to support their students throughout the year.
    • Weekend trips to the mall or store offered by staff members.
  • Diverse Community- A community of creative and passionate students from all around the world.
    • Since the dorm serves two schools(Roanoke Catholic and North Cross), this adds to the diversity of the community on dorm.
    • Nationalities represented on dorm in the past year include: Chinese, Spanish, Nigerian, Singaporean, American, and Australian.
    • Offer events and programming throughout the year that allow students to learn about other cultures and share about their own.
  • Unique Location- Historic downtown Roanoke location is a short ride to campus (daily transportation included, as needed)
    • Walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants for after school homework or socializing with friends.
    • Freedom, with responsibility, to enjoy life in a quaint, small city.
  • Security– Safety is our top priority. Wilson goes through great lengths to keep all students safe and healthy.
    • Top tier security system throughout the building and halls. Cameras at all entrances and exits.
  • Leadership Opportunities– Gain leadership skills outside the classroom by participating in the leadership opportunities on dorm such as:
    • Hall Leadership- Hall leaders work with staff to aid in the development of dorm community. They also act as representatives for the student body on dorm and advocate for improvements.
    • Wilson Media Team- Help Wilson International maintain their social media accounts by sharing your experience on dorm and at Roanoke Catholic.
    • Wilson Events Committee – Help plan and organize community events on dorm.
  • High Quality Food Service- Meal preparation in the Boxley dining hall by full-time chef.
    • Dining program features local produce and chef inspired cuisine.

To learn more visit Wilson International’s website.