The “Serving Christ in One Another” Award is presented to students who truly exemplify what it means to be a Christian.  These students are the ones who make a concerted and successful effort to uphold consistently the philosophy of the school and the dictates of the Gospel.

Recipients of this award should be the students that we want our other students to emulate.  They should be respectful, kind, thoughtful and concerned about others.  These students should have an outstanding record for service, at least at school, volunteering to do distasteful jobs in the classroom or cafeteria. These outstanding students should have a reputation for befriending students who have challenges with social skills, who forgive easily and try to help others get along well.

The “Serving Christ in One Another Award” can be achieved only once in a lower school and/or once in an upper school career.  Teachers who wish to confer this honor on a particular student should confer with all of that student’s teachers and the principal to be sure that the honor is deserved. There is no limit on the number of awards given in a class, but the award should be given sparingly, so that it is truly an honor.  It is very possible that no student in a class would qualify at this time.

Recipients will be awarded their pins at the Honors Assembly.  Since Kindergarten and first graders do not attend the Awards Assembly, teachers may wish to hold off on nominations until the June assembly, which all students attend, but that is a teacher’s call. Honored students should wear their pins proudly each day on collars, jumpers, or sweatshirts.