Click Here for Picture Orders Online

You may pre-order via paper order forms sent home prior to picture day, or use the code on your child’s proofsheet later. 

Click here for Yearbook Orders Online

We have two yearbooks  – one for Upper School and one for Lower School.  Please use the following codes to place your online order:
  • Lower School code – 12974017
  • Upper School code – 12973917
 Individual Photography Schedule:
August: Senior Portraits and Staff
         September: Individual yearbook photos: LS in Uniform, US out-of-uniform optional
Spring: LOWER SCHOOL ONLY – Out-of-Uniform Individual Pictures and class pictures on two separate days.
Sports Images: Taken during afternoon practices during each season. Days will be announced several weeks ahead. All team members should make an effort to be present with clean, complete uniforms. The sports code is: rcs2014sports for online ordering.

Photo Sharing:

We want your photos!! If you attend an RCS event and are able to take photos, we would love any photos you take. There are several ways to share your photos.
1. Direct Upload:
For the Lower School book (PK- 7th) Go to the website http://tinyurl.com/roanokecatholicyearbook      
Use the User ID: 400233493
Use the password: RCS
For the Upper School book (8th – 12th) Go to the website http://tinyurl.com/RoanokeCatholicYearbookUS
Use the User ID: 400263623
Use the password: RCS
You will be prompted for the name(s) of student in each photo. In the details section, you can include the teacher’s name and the event details.
2. Email your photos to kkurpe@roanokecatholic.com.
3. Bring/send in physical photos to the office attn:Yearbook. Please include your contact info so we can return them.
4. Burn the photos to a CD/DVD and bring/send it to the office attn: Yearbook. Please include your contact info so we can call you with questions