Interested in an RCS Girls Lacrosse team?

Roanoke Catholic is exploring the addition of a varsity girls lacrosse team for spring 2019, but needs to know by Aug. 9 if there is sufficient interest among girls entering Grades 8-12.

Please reply ASAP to the form below.

For those parents who have seen the boys play and are concerned about injury, rest assured the girl’s game is very different. While there is incidental contact, it is considered a non-contact sport and the rules are designed to keep the girls safe.

If you have any questions, contact instructor Richard Wharton at

Mr. Wharton will host a free basic skills clinic Aug. 6-8, 12 noon to 4:00 p.m., for girls entering Grades 8-12. The clinic will provide a hands-on introduction to fundamental skills of the girl’s game including passing and catching, cradling, scooping ground balls, shooting, and defense. There will also be classroom time learning the basic rules of the game.