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RCS chaplain Fr. Matt Kiehl’s “rock paper tweets”

Fr. Matt

“Never thought there’d be a time when I couldn’t wait for school to begin! @RoanokeCatholic just isn’t the same!”

So tweeted Fr. Matt Kiehl a few weeks ago.

As RCS chaplain, Fr. Matt serves as spiritual advisor for the school’s 550 students, faculty and staff, presiding over weekly Mass and reconciliation, observing senior apologetics presentations, and visiting classrooms on a regular basis. (He’s also an expert lunchtime “rock paper scissors” player with kindergartners.)

Raised in the world of social media, Fr. Matt is equally adept at staying in touch with the school community outside of class time. Under the handle @mattkiehl, Fr. Matt is known for his funny, oftentimes touching Twitter tweets and posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Fr. Matt Kiehl tweets