• Classes for 3 and 4 year olds
  • Certified, licensed teacher
  • Music and Art
  • Prayer Buddies with older students
  • “Tadpole” communication with parents
  • Mass & Prayer Services
  • Daily Recess, Library and Gym
  • Community Outreach Service Projects
  • Field Trips
  • Religion Lessons

For more information or to schedule a tour:
Emily Gaston, Enrollment Assistant
540.982.3532 Ext. 2130 | egaston@roanokecatholic.com


Our Pre-K (3- and 4-year-olds) is dedicated to the physical, social, and emotional development of the young child in a nurturing Christian environment. Each school day is planned with appropriate age-level activities to enhance socialization skills, personal independence, physical development, and basic readiness instruction in a comfortable, happy, play-oriented setting. Indoor and outdoor play are part of each day.

All applicants must be able to toilet themselves independently.


Fully certified teachers and aides staff our classrooms as needed to support our 1:10 staff-to-student ratio.


Program hours are 8:00am-2:45pm daily.

Capacity: 40 Students

Classes available:

Preschool Program (8:00am – 2:45pm)
(Lunch Price Extra)
5 days/week
$619/month for 10 months

After-school care is available for an additional fee.

Registration Fee: $85.00 per child, nonrefundable. This includes insurance and some supplies.

Health Immunization

Each child must have all age-appropriate immunizations required by law, and must furnish a documented copy of such immunizations and their dates of administration before admission. Each child must have had a physical examination within the previous twelve months prior to admission and must furnish a copy of the physical to the school nurse.

Student Acceptance

Students who meet the proper age and health/immunization requirements should apply online. Priority for acceptance is given to students who have siblings already enrolled at Roanoke Catholic, Catholic students from surrounding parishes, and children of alumni. All applicants must be able to toilet themselves independently.

Daily Activities

Each day consists of prayer, both child-initiated and organized play (indoor and outdoor), basic language arts, math, science, gross/fine motor skill activities, and self-care skills. Formal classes led by the school specialists in physical education, music, library, and art occur weekly. Occasional field trips are also a part of the program as long as proper car-seat regulations are maintained or the trip is within walking distance.

A primary goal in Pre-K is to build self-esteem. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of independence and interdependence, learning the social skills necessary to be part of a group. Our program also fosters self-discipline and a love of learning, tapping the Pre-K student’s natural sense of curiosity.


Pre-K students are required to wear the school uniform. Velcro shoes are required for Pre-Kindergarten. Our uniform distributors are Lands End, Flynn & O’Hara and Jammin’. Also check our Uniform Closet where items are $1 each. Please see the Lower School Uniform Guidelines sheet for details.


Click here for Pre-K  Supply List