Inclement Weather  Decisions 
inclement weather 
Principal before 7:00am.  We will first send a message to cell phones via our School Way App – please see the communication page to sign up. We also use this free service for civil emergencies or important reminders. Take the time now to get your mobile number set up for this service.

Next we will email any inclement weather changes directly to families as well as post the information on this website under “News” on the homepage.  TV channels 7
(WSLS) will be notified first, followed by 13(WSET) in Lynchburg 
local valley radio stations.

In the event that school needs to close for any reason, we ask that parents please observe the following guidelines:

  • Continue to listen to media announcements if school is delayed.  Sometimes the delay changes to a closing.
  • Make an advance “bad weather/emergency plan” with your child(ren).  What will happen if school closes early?  Can he/she can get into the house?  Will he/she go to a neighbor’s if you can’t get home?  Who will pick up your child if he/she is a car rider?
  • Plan ahead by making arrangements for your child(ren) during inclement weather. The school’s phones lines and personnel can become critically overloaded when swamped by last minute calls. DO NOT CALL AND ASK IF A DECISION HAS BEEN MADE – WE WILL NOTIFY ALL FAMILIES INSTANTLY VIA SCHOOLWAY as soon as a decision is made.  We ask your cooperation in helping with this vital process. If bad weather is possible after the opening of school, and you do not have access to TV, radio or the internet, please make arrangements to have a “snow buddy” who can notify you if an early dismissal is announced.
  • After-School Care will be cancelled in the event of an early dismissal.