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Faculty and Aides

Name Grade/Subject Teacher’s Website Email Endorsement Degree
Axt, Kurt Media Specialist
Library Webpage Elementary Ed. PreK-6; History & Social Sciences; Library Media PreK-12 Master’s
Baxley, Kristin LS PE/Health Health & PE Bachelor’s
Sherry, Justin US PE/Health & Drivers Ed Health & PE (PK-12), Drivers Ed. Bachelor’s
Carr, William Band/Music Music: Instrumental PK-12 Master’s
Chang, Stephanie Music  Master’s
Hemphill, Michael US Choir
Corbett, April Drama
Meadows, Shelia Resource Emotional Disturbance K-12, Specific Learning Disabilities K-12, Special Ed. – Adapted Curriculum K-12, Special Ed. – General Curriculum K-12 Master’s
PK-12th Grade:
Clark, Karen Early Learners Bachelor’s
Lavinder, Amber Early Learners Bachelor’s
Fullen, Amanda Kindergarten Mrs. Fullen’s Webpage Elementary Ed. PreK-6 Bachelor’s
Zirkle, Brianna Kindergarten
Teaching Assistant
Barger, Erika 1st grade Elementary Ed. PreK-6 Bachelor’s
Drapac, Lynn 1st Grade Teaching Assistant
King, Blake 2nd grade Elementary Ed PreK-6 Bachelor’s
Pietrocarlo, Julie 3rd grade Elementary PreK-6 Master’s
Humphrey, Jessica 4th grade Elementary Ed. PreK-6 Bachelor’s
Carlin, Timothy 5th grade Mr. Carlin’s Webpage Elementary PreK-6 Master’s
Patton, Marc MS Science and Religion Middle Ed. 6-8 Science & Earth/Space Science Bachelor’s
Price, Helen MS Math Mrs. Price’s Webpage Mathematics Master’s
Potter, Megan MS Social Studies & Literature Elementary Ed. NK-8, SLD K-12, ED K-12, History & Social Sciences Master’s
Wright, Kimberly MS English & Literature Ms. Wright’s Webpage Early Ed. NK-4; Middle Ed. 4-8 Bachelor’s
Begeman, Paul US Math Chemistry; Middle Ed. 6-8 Mathematics & History/Social Science; Mathematics Bachelor’s
Simmons, David US Math Mathematics Master’s
Buck, Carolyn US Social Studies Mrs. Buck’s Webpage History; History & Social Sciences Bachelor’s
Reynolds, Jon US Social Studies History & Social Sciences
Chambraud, Marie US English English Master’s
Schlesser, Catherine US English English Master’s
Plante, Sara US Science Biology; Chemistry; Physics Master’s
Ryan, Talona (TJ) US Science Mrs. Ryan’s Webpage Biology Bachelor’s
Vanden Eykel, Ellen US Theology  Master’s
Chang, Stephanie US Theology  Master’s
Underwood, Robin Spanish Spanish PreK-12 Master’s
Warner, Shelly French French PreK-12 Bachelor’s
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