RCS has several communication tools that are our primary sources of communication between faculty, staff and parents.

RENWEB Parent Portal:

RCS uses a database system called RENWEB with a Parent Portal. Through the parent portal, you can view your students’ general information, attendance record, medical information, calendar items, announcements, class schedules, our school directory and cafeteria balances.

This is a secure, private portal for your family use and should greatly enhance communication between the school and families!
More information/help/tutorials can be found at www.renweb.com, including apps for $4.99/year for Apple and Android devices so that you can even access this information from your mobile device! Our district code is RC-VA.

Logging in for the First Time

    1. Go to https://rc-va.client.renweb.com/pw/.
    2. Click Create New ParentsWeb Account.
    3. Type the email address that the school has on file in RenWeb for you (should be the one at which you receive announcements).
    4. Click Create Account.
      An email is sent to the email address on file in RenWeb for the Parent.
    5. Access your email account and click the link to create your user name and password.
    6. Type a User Name and Password.
    7. Click Save User Name and/or Password.

Logging into ParentsWeb

    1. Go to https://rc-va.client.renweb.com/pw/.
    2. Enter District Code: RC-VA
    3. Type your User name and Password.
    4. Click the Parent button.

  1. Click Login.
    The ParentsWeb displays.
  2. A few notes: ParentsWeb should have fixed any compatibility issues with Chrome, but if you are still having problems, try using Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you are having any problems, please be sure pop-ups are enabled for Renweb and that you click the compatibility link (the little piece of broken glass next to the refresh button) in Internet Explorer. From this point, you should be able to access announcements, school information, newsletters, a calendar, your own students’ schedules & attendance records, lunch accounts, the school directory, the emergency information we have on file for you, as well as your family profile. Please let us know of discrepancies, errors or improvements we can make. Enjoy!


Roanoke Catholic will use email to convey important messages.

Announcements and information will also be sent in a regular Thursday email.

Quarterly newsletters will be emailed and added to ParentsWeb soon after the end of each quarter.

Website and Social Media

Keep an eye on announcements and posts on our website and Facebook Page.