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Tuition and Fees 2020-2021

TUITION 2020-2021

Grade Level Tuition
PreK $6,430
K $8,995
1st $9,130
2nd $9,275
3rd $9,450
4th $9,735
5th $10,025
6th $10,165
7th $10,225
8th $10,285
9th $10,320
10th $10,385
11th $10,520
12th $10,740


Parishioner Discount
Registered and active parishioners of Richmond Diocese Parishes receive a $750 discount off tuition for each child enrolled in K-12 at Roanoke Catholic School.

Tuition for Siblings
A family is charged graded tuition for a maximum of three children in grades K-12. For the second child, deduct $250 from that child’s total tuition; for the third child, deduct $500 from that child’s total tuition; for the fourth and additional siblings, excluding Pre-K, pay a flat rate of $750 each.

Tuition is prorated from the start date for those who enroll after the first day of school.

FEES 2020-2021

Grades K-12:

  • $15.00 non-refundable enrollment fee.
  • $200.00 deposit, which includes a per family $150.00 Technology fee that helps fund enhanced access to, and use of, technology in the classrooms. The balance of this deposit is applied to a family’s total tuition bill for 2019-2020.
  • New K-12 families must also pay a $150.00 on-boarding fee.

Pre-K (3 and 4):

  • $85.00 registration fee per Pre-K student and a $150 technology fee per family.

New families needing financial aid would ideally apply by March 1, 2019, to receive optimum aid, although some aid may be available after that date. (See Financial Aid below.)

Other Fees

Depending on your child’s year in school and/or extracurricular or academic interests, other fees may include — but are not limited to — athletic fees ($100.00 per child per sport), class dues, uniform expenses, art supplies, etc. Cafeteria expenses are NOT included in tuition. Students may purchase meals at school or may pack.


Financial Aid is need-based and available for all families, regardless of religious affiliation, with students in Grades Pre-K-12. Interested families are encouraged to apply online from the RCS website (FACTS icon). FACTS applications and supporting documents must be received and verified by March 1, 2019, for returning students (except second round). Second-round financial aid is primarily for families with business income or families accepted after March 1. (Some funds are set aside for second round.) Following the above guidelines, these applications are due June 1. Financial aid can be applied for after June 1, although funds may not be available.



  1. Payment in full – made by July 1, 2020.
  2. Payment over ten installments: Monthly payments beginning July 2020 through April 2021, via FACTS Tuition Management.
  3. Payment over eleven installments: Monthly payments beginning June 2020 through April 2021, via FACTS Tuition Management.

To reduce monthly payments, families may make an additional payment in May, 2021.

TUITION REFUND POLICY – As stated on contract:

  1. When withdrawal is due to verifiable job loss, tuition will be prorated.
  2. Withdrawal by June 30, 2020 – $200/student deposit will be refunded.
  3. From July 1 to the end of the first day of school – 15% of the total yearly tuition amount.
  4. From the second day of school to end of a quarter – 25% of the total yearly tuition for each quarter enrolled plus 10% of remaining tuition balance. (Attendance for the quarter is established after completion of the first day of the quarter.)
  5. Extenuating circumstances are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Tuition Review Committee, upon receipt of letter detailing circumstances.
It is the Principal/Head of School’s right and sole discretion to dismiss or suspend any student for lack of progress or for conduct by the student, his/her parent(s) or guardian that is not in the best interest of the student and/or of the school (action of the Diocesan School Board 6/10/2004, Essential Element #4). Refund policy applies. In addition, students may be dismissed if financial payments are 60 days in arrears.


Each family is asked to commit fifteen (15) hours of volunteer work during the 2020-2021 school year.


Afterschool Care for Grades PreK-7 is available from dismissal until 6:00 PM. The program includes physical activity and free play, snack, homework assistance, and arts and crafts. Afterschool Care for Grades 8-12 is available from dismissal until 5:30 PM in the school library. All students not participating in a school-sponsored activity at the conclusion of the day will need to report to the library for this service. No students may be freely roaming about the campus without supervision. Please sign up for After School Care during the enrollment process.

Grades PreK-7 Pick-up before 4:30 pm Pick-up between 4:30-6 pm
Annual Rate $1,548 per child First child $2,304
Each additional sibling $2,196
Single-day Rate $10 per child $14 per child

Additional information for International Students can be found on our International Students Page.