Roanoke Catholic School provides an excellent education. Dedicated teachers instruct students in core subjects to build a solid educational foundation. In addition, students are taught religion, technology, music, art, and physical education. The comprehensive curriculum, outstanding instruction, and nurturing environment provide an ideal learning environment and help students succeed.

Special Education students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis during the admissions process. Certain students can be accommodated through supplemental aid and resources that we have available.  Students who are identified and qualify may receive special education services at Roanoke Catholic School through Roanoke City Schools.

As students progress through the grades, they are gradually given more responsibilities. More independence is expected from the students so they can succeed in the Upper School. The nurturing environment provides a safe place for students to learn from any setbacks.

Students in sixth and seventh grade have different levels for mathematics instruction. In addition, students in these grades have more extracurricular opportunities, such as team sports.