Admissions Policy

Candidates for admission to Roanoke Catholic School must be willing to commit to the school’s philosophy and to the Christian values it upholds, including cooperation, service, prayer, and worship. Roanoke Catholic School would like to offer the opportunity for a Catholic education to all applicants.

New Student Probation Policy

In keeping with the philosophy and mission of the school, Roanoke Catholic School seeks to maintain a school environment that promotes Christian values, academic integrity, and faith development. While new students are admitted after careful consideration and a thorough evaluation process, some students find they have difficulty maintaining the attitude and standards of Roanoke Catholic School. For this reason, there is a nine week probation period, during which time the administration may dismiss a student who is not upholding the ideals of the school or during which a student may decide to withdraw from the school. If this occurs parents will be responsible for the tuition as stipulated in the refund policy of the financial agreement.

(Taken from Student Handbook)