School Day

School Day
Pre-K 8:00AM-2:45PM
Lower School (K-5) 8:00AM-2:45PM
Middle School (6-7) 8:00AM-3:00PM
Upper School (8-12) 8:00AM-3:00PM

Grading Scale

Grading Scale
A+ 97 – 100
A 93 – 96
A- 90 – 92
B+ 87 – 89
B 83 – 86
B- 80 – 82
C+ 77 – 79
C 73 – 76
C- 70 – 72
D+ 67 – 69
D 63 – 66
D- 60 – 62
F 59 and Below

Note: Grades 2-3 use the same scale without plusses and minuses (i.e., A=90-100).

Promotion and Retention

Promotion and retention are determined by the teachers with the approval of the principal. In any case of possible retention, the student’s teacher and the principal will confer in advance with the parents to make them fully aware of their child’s status. Students in grades 4-7 who fail two or more subjects for the year will be retained.

Academic Honors

At the end of each quarter, students in grades 2-7 achieving first and second honors are recognized within their classrooms each quarter and will receive certificates. First Honors: all grades of 90 or above Second Honors: all grades of 80 or above

In addition, students in all grades are recognized for perfect attendance and often for marked improvement in attitude, achievement, or behavior. A final awards assembly will be held to honor students of distinction.

Serving Christ In One Another

Students who show selfless, exemplary Christian behavior and attitude toward other students and adults on a daily basis may earn this most prestigious award to be given during the 3rd quarter or at the final awards assembly.


Homework assignments should supplement and reinforce classroom teaching and learning, and should be a productive experience for all children. However, students work at different paces; what one student can accomplish in 15 minutes is what another may accomplish in 60 minutes. The Lower School recommends the following guidelines for homework time:

  • Grades 1-2: 20-30 minutes
  • Grade 3: 40-45 minutes
  • Grades 4-5: 45-60 minutes
  • Grades 6-7: 1 to 2 hours

Parents of kindergartners and first graders should review their children’s folders nightly. Parents of students in grades 2-6 must sign their children’s assignments sheets nightly. Parents of 7th graders must do so for the first semester.

Make-Up Work

When students miss classes for any reason, they are responsible for making up classwork, homework, and tests and should talk with their teachers about such make-up work. Tests should be made up within two days of the students’ return to school. The times and locations for make-up tests are scheduled at the discretion of the teachers. Students may request daily assignments before their return.

Standardized Testing

Standardized tests are administered to students in grades 2-7 three times a year – in the fall, winter, and spring. PK and Kindergarteners take an in-house test. The Diocese of Richmond has adopted the Scantron’s Performance Series assessment tool, which is completely computer-based and adjusts to each child’s ability. In addition, ACRE tests which measure religious knowledge and attitudes are given in grade 5 each spring. Results of these tests will be shared with parents.

School Supplies

Each year, families receive a list of supplies for each grade. In the interest of safety and tidiness, please do not purchase spiral notebooks (Grades K-5 only). General supplies are available for purchase in the school store in the LS Gym on designated mornings before school.