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3D + High Tech: Engineering at Roanoke Catholic School

VIDEO: We know Batman is high-tech. Now the superhero — along with our new 3D printer — is helping a group of Roanoke Catholic seniors get a jump start on a career in engineering.

Upper School teacher Donna Nickels gave up her planning period to lead the students on their high-tech scientific exploration.

“We live in a very technologically advanced society and we have to be able to offer this technology to our students so they can better understand our world and maybe consider a career in engineering,” says Ms. Nickels. “If you don’t try it you may never know if you like it.”

In addition to the mechanics surrounding 3D printing, the class also features computer-aided design (CAD) programming, quite of bit of the scientific method of trial and error, some marketing and even fundraising. The class’ most recent 3D creation is Batman’s symbol. See video below!